Security and Privacy Course in the Master’s in Law

In the second semester of the academic year 2021-2022, Professor Francisco Pereira Coutinho was the coordinating professor and lecturer of the course “Security and Privacy”, an elective curricular unit in the Master’s in Law and Security at NOVA School of Law. It was also available as an optional curricular unit for students of other Master’s … Ler mais

Data Protection Webinars ’22 – 4 years: what prospects?

On the 25th of May, at 6:30 pm, the second webinar of the 2022 cycle focused on the GDPR’s 4th anniversary since its entry into force (on 28th May 2018), with an exercise of considering all the achievements and setbacks until now, while also analyzing the future prospects of the regulation and new legislative proposals. … Ler mais

Data Protection Webinars ’22 – Video survaillance in Public Spaces

On the 15th of March, at 18:30 pm, the first webinar of the 2022 cycle was dedicated to the topic of video survaillance in public spaces, by the police and other security forces, and the risks and negative impacts that this technology (especially when coupled with facial recognition) can have on the fundamental rights of … Ler mais

Dia da Privacidade 2022

Por ocasião do Dia da Proteção dos Dados, que se comemorou no passado dia 28 de janeiro, partilhamos hoje testemunhos que salientam a importância desta data, no seguimento da preocupação da NOVA School of Law em procurar estudar as respostas jurídicas aos novos desafios à proteção da pessoa e dos seus direitos fundamentais, nomeadamente através … Ler mais