In the last session of the E-Course in Data Protection Law, friday 25th February, Professor Francisco Pereira Coutinho had the pleasure of announcing the beginning of the new cycle of webinars on Data Protection Law for 2022.

This cycle of webinars is an initiative of Observatório da Proteção de Dados under the Module Jean Monnet DataporEU. With the scientific coordenation of Professor Francisco Pereira Coutinho and Professor Maria Graça Cantos Moniz, it will consist in monthly sessions dedicated to interesting topics related to data protection law.

Attendance is free, participants must only send an e-mail to to receive the invitations to the zoom sessions.

Most sessions will be in portuguese, with the possibility of switching to English, if required by the guest lecturers.   

The full program is available and promoted in NOVA School of Law’s website during the entire year, and it will consist on the following sessions:

15th March – Body-Cams in the Police Force: the risks of vídeo survaillance in public spaces to data protection

12nd April – Presentation of the Yearbook on Data Protection Law 2022

25th May – 4 years of GDPR: what prospects?

11st October – E-Privacy Regulation and the GDPR

15th November – Artificial Intelligence Act and the GDPR’s obsolescence

13rd December – Digital Services Act, Content Moderation and the Protection of Personal Data


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